WEST JEFFERSON — On Tuesday, May 17, the Ashe County High School symphonic, jazz and steel pan bands took to the stage in the ACHS auditorium for their final concert of the year.

The concert was themed “A Colorful Night in the Islands” with each ensemble playing the themes of night, colors and the islands.

Up first was the jazz band with the colorful theme. They performed Blue Diamond, Red Buttermilk, Lavender Sunset and Black and Blue. Harley Cox and Daniel Rodriguez were both featured as soloists in two of their pieces.

The steel pan band then took the audience on a journey through the islands, playing reggae and upbeat pieces. They performed “Island Echo,” “Island on my Mind,” and two renditions of “Island in the Sun.”

Finally, the largest ensemble, the symphonic band, took to the stage to round out the event with the night theme. Their first piece was Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusic” followed by “The Dream Catcher,” “Night Cries,” and “Night Ride Through Metropolis.”

Within the concert, Director Joshua Mitchel gave out numerous awards.

For Outstanding Musicians, he gifted awards to Lindsey Phipps for steel pan, Gabe Fogger for jazz band and Tristan Morrow for symphonic band.

Sofia Fajardo received the Most Improved Award, the Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award went to Macie Richardson and the John Philip Sousa Band Award was gifted to Daniel Rodriguez.

For the Director’s Award, Mitchell gave the award to a student who performed both internally and externally within the band. While working on their own performance, this student also helped others and always carried a positive outlook when in class, at concerts and in competitions. This award went to Isabella Schiavone.

In addition to the awards, Mitchell also recognized the students who have received overall letters superior bars and those who will be walking with cords at graduation.

Those who received overall letters were Chasity Carpenter, Shannon Royal, Abby Elliott, Phoebe Wagoner, Sofia Fajardo, Sean Judson, Evan Walters, Elijah Coldiron, Karli Ellison, Isaac Firebaugh, Hailey Head, Yuritza Gomez, Chloe Reed, Melinda Hamm, Nolan Davis, Wednesday Mead, Will Mead, Wisteria Mead, Jonah Walters, Victoria Young and Cameron River.

Students who received one superior bar were Chloe Reed, Melinda Hamm, Yuritza Gomez, Hailey Head, Sean Judson and Isaac Firebaugh.

Two superior bars were given to Isaiah Ritchie, Chloe Pennington, Ana Rosa Santes, Ash Greer, Vanessa Escudero, Mairyn Calderon, Abigail Carpenter, Chloe Smith-Shepherd, Mylah Ellis, Sofia Fajardo, Chasity Carpenter, Shannon Royal, Abby Elliott, Evan Walters and Karli Ellison.

Those who received three superior bars were Isabella Schiavone, Kaylee Money, Sherry Billings, Ana Blevins, Gavin Parsons, Harley Cox, Gabe Fogger, Daniel Rodriguez, Kaden Gore, Connor Waterman, Hudson McCoy, Jayden Lipford, Nicolai Herr and Phoebe Wagoner.

Four students received four superior bars. Those students were Tristan Morrow, Lindsey Phipps, Cade Blevins and Macie Richardson.

Mitchell also recognized the seniors who will be walking with honors band cords and Tri-M cords.

Those walking with the honors band cord are Harley Cox, Tristan Morrow, Lindsey Phipps and Macie Richardson.

Those walking with the Tri-M cord are Abigail Carpenter, Ana Blevins, Cade Blevins, Chloe Smith-Shepherd, Connor Waterman, Daniel Rodriguez, Isabella Schiavone, Lindsey Phipps, Macie Richardson and Tristan Morrow.

To view a video from the concert, visit the Ashe Post & Times Facebook page.

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