'Calendar Girls' cast and crew

The cast and crew of ‘Calendar Girls.’ Back row: Michael Malloy, Della Vodenicker, Edie Miller, Owen Peeler, Rebecca Williams, Jim Williams, Melissa Edmondson, Kimberley Isler and Jody Cheek. Seated: Linda Dreyer, Jill Gambill, Jan Gambill, Jayme McGowan and Mason Blevins. Not pictured: Helen Roman, Jerome Roman and Benjamin Thomas-Reid.

WEST JEFFERSON — The Ashe County Little Theatre is ready for its newest production, “Calendar Girls,” which will be at the Ashe County Civic Center Aug. 22-25.

“Calendar Girls” is the story of a group of women who pose nude to raise money for leukemia research after one of their husbands succumbed to the disease. The story is based on real events from the 1980’s and has been adapted into multiple stage productions and movies.

The show is directed by Kim Isler and produced by Michael Malloy. The cast includes Linda Dreyer, Melissa Edmondson, Jan Gambill, Jill Gambill, Cynthia Harless, Jayme McGowan, Edie Miller, Owen Peeler, Helen Roman, Jerome Roman, Benjamin Thomas-Reid, Jim Williams, Rebecca Williams and Della Vodenicker.

Actress Jill Gambill said the production has been a fun environment, despite the show’s darker subjects. She said that the cast and crew have all had a great chemistry, and the show has really benefited from that.

The production is dedicated to Ory Owen, an ACLT stalwart who passed away July 21. Isler wrote a director’s note, which did not make it into the show’s program due to size constraints, equating the need to “be better or do better” the ACLT felt after Owen’s passing with the feelings of the characters in “Calendar Girls.”

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