HAYS — As the Ashe County High School varsity boys football team took to the North Wilkes field on March 12, their winning streak continued over the hosting Vikings, now becoming undefeated, 3-0 in their conference and heading home with a 36-15 victory.

Starting off strong in the first quarter, the pack of Huskies took advantage quickly as their defense built a strict wall against their opposers. The Vikings had a hard time gaining ground on the field and they were often pushed to anxious fourth-down plays.

Ashe offense made way on the unfamiliar field and found themselves getting closer and closer to the end zone.

However, an intercepted pass with 10 minutes left in the first quarter took the crowd for a whirl and the Vikings took possession.

The Huskies didn’t falter, only building their wall higher and running the Vikings back into a turnover with a punt.

After regaining hands on the ball, the Huskies made their way back down the field, one first-down at a time. With a successful pass from Ashe quarterback Dawson Cox to wide receiver Keenan Witherspoon, the visiting team landed themselves on the scoreboard with a Husky touchdown, leading 7-0.

Only giving the Vikings a few minutes with the ball afterwards, the Huskies gained possession and Cox wasted no time in gaining yards.

JJ Mannan, wide receiver for Ashe, had a hand at another touchdown, catching the ball swiftly from Cox. At the end of the first quarter, the Huskies led 14-0.

The same energy was left on the field going into the second quarter and the Huskies continued to push towards the end zone. Mannan held steady catches throughout the quarter and eventually got another touchdown pass from Cox.

With a 21-point lead from Ashe, the Vikings attempted a comeback and held their first touchdown of the night, following with a two-point conversion and gaining eight points on the board.

After the touchdown, Husky Austin Poe caught the returning punt, making his way quickly down the field and nearly to the 50-yard line.

Timothy Peterson held the fourth touchdown of the night, bringing Ashe to a 28-8 lead and ending the third quarter.

Within minutes of the beginning of the fourth quarter, Poe scored a touchdown for the Husky pack, the final for the victorious team, leading a 28 point difference.

The Vikings made way on the Huskies lead, however, ending the game with a final touchdown, leaving their field with a 36-15 defeat.

On March 19, Ashe County High School will host Wilkes Central in its homecoming game at 6:30 p.m.

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