Ashe County Little Theatre A Christmas Carol 2020

The cast and crew pose for a picture as they celebrate their radio show performance.

WEST JEFFERSON — A holiday staple that touches the hearts of people around the world has made its way through the sound waves as the Ashe County Little Theatre held a radio show performance of A Christmas Carol adapted by Melissa Edmonson.

On Dec. 18, the theater teamed up with Foley sound artists and local actors to create a show which captured audiences around the county. Despite the current state of the world and lack of in-person plays, the Ashe County Little Theatre gave performers the chance to express their love for the stage through nothing but the sense of sound. Rebecca Williams, program director of the Ashe County Arts Council expressed the excitement of this show and how it allowed actors to step out of their normal setting.

“Actors love performing to real people! But performing this radio show to an empty auditorium was great for stretching ourselves as actors and getting the story across to a listening audience by just using our voices,” Williams said.

The show took place at the Ashe County Civics Center and was broadcasted on the local radio station 580 WKSK. The sound effects, created by Matthew Thomas-Reid, were made from everyday objects such as dishes, musical instruments and a miniature door on hinges. All of the actors and sound artists were set up on the stage with multiple microphones for full affect. The crew strived to create a show where the audience felt as if they were not only listening to, but seeing the show as well. The cast and crew rehearsed for four weeks, meeting two or three times each week. Due to the pandemic, some rehearsals were done by video calls. They performed with radio three times before the main performance in order to make sure the timing between the voices and sounds was correct.

Jim Williams, voice of Ebenezer Scrooge said, “This project has been an amazing collaboration of actors, musicians and technicians. From top to bottom, the production was so well performed. This live radio performance was a new challenge for Ashe County Little Theatre and we are so happy that folks enjoyed it.”

Having performed a radio show earlier this year, “War of the Worlds,” the theater has similar future plans.

”This is my second radio show of the year and I absolutely adore the process and product of radio shows. I’m so glad that I am able to be apart of this fantastic group,” }said Ava Edgell, the youngest of the cast-mates. As a senior in high school, Edgell has worked on a radio show in her high school theatre class.

For more information on the Ashe County Little Theatre and upcoming performances, call (336)-846-2787 or visit

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