Ashe Huskies Time-Out

Coach Nathan Colvard and Bill Key gather with the team during a time-out to discuss play strategies.

BOONE — The Ashe County High School Huskies men’s basketball team held a scrimmage against longtime rivals the Watauga Pioneers on Dec. 29.

The Huskies took a loss, 81-60, but head coach Nathan Colvard expressed hope for the boys to work on their tactics and pull out a more successful season.

“I thought there were times where we did some good things and some bad things. There were too many turnovers and there was too much forcing. The challenge for us is going to be becoming a little more patient offensively and take what defense gives us,” Colvard said.

In the first half of the scrimmage, the score went back and forth between the two teams, Watauga showing strong defense and Ashe pushing back with strong offensive plays. At the end of the second quarter, the Pioneers led 20-17.

Senior Austin Poe of the Ashe County Huskies showed an exquisite performance as his strive to keep the ball on home court allowed the team to get a numerous amount of rebounds, turning into points along the way.

Fellow player Dawson Cox also used his 6-foot-5 height to his advantage as he was able to block shots from the opposing team.

The second half showed more strength from the Huskies as they would begin to take the lead. They kept their patience, as their coach had suggested, and began to become more focused on the ball and their intentions. The scrimmage then went into overtime as the score was 56-56.

Counting down the last few minutes, Huskies point guard Tatum Brown encouraged his teammates to “stop moving around so much,” and to focus on the plays at hand.

The Pioneers showed their determination and took a 21 point lead, ending the scrimmage.

Colvard continued to speak on how the Huskies will step up and become more structured as the season continues.

“All in all we got what we wanted out of it, which was to compete against somebody else and sort of see how we match up against another team. There are a lot of things we can take out of it and what we need to work on which is what we’ll do,” said Colvard.

The Ashe County High School Basketball conference season begins on Jan. 5, at Allegheny High School.

For more information on local sports, contact Athletic Director David Koontz at

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