Grayson Huffman JV vs. North Wilkes

Grayson Huffman follows through with a foul shot and scores two points for the Huskies.

WEST JEFFERSON — The JV men's basketball team of Ashe County felt their second loss of the season, against the North Wilkes Vikings on Tuesday, Jan. 13.

Becoming 1-2 in their conference, the men's Huskies lost by 9 points against the Vikings, 45-36.

The first quarter began with the Vikings taking control of the ball and shooting the first shot of the game. However, it rebounded to freshman Harrison Langdon who then made a quick pass to Grayson Huffman down the court, gaining the Huskies the first points of the game. 

North Wilkes lead strong defensive plays throughout the first seven minutes which allowed them to gain a five point lead. 

Sophomore Sawyer Eller then intercepted a passing ball and got his team to fall one point behind, ending the quarter 9-8.

Beginning the second quarter, Ashe gained two fouls in the first minute which allowed them control of the scoreboard. Nevertheless, North Wilkes stayed quick in their plays and offensive teamwork. 

The Huskies withheld a few turnovers, giving them a closer trail behind the Vikings. Both teams had a strong demand for the ball and they often got into struggles for it. This gave the Huskies a lead with four minutes left but North Wilkes was too quick and ended the half 19-18.

In the third quarter, the struggle only continued as Ashe strived to keep up with the Vikings. The score remained a one point difference throughout the beginning of the second half. With a technical foul called against North Wilkes, the Huskies tied the score, 30-30 at the end of the quarter.

The final minutes of the game consisted of encouragements for the home team from both the side lines and audience. Parents would remind the players how much time was on the clock and gave them their suggestions on how to keep up. However, it was not enough as the Huskies lost 45-36.

The JV boys will play again on Friday, Jan. 15 at 5 p.m. on their home court against East Wilkes.

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