WEST JEFFERSON — In their first home game of the season, the Ashe County Varsity men’s basketball team gathered a win against the Alleghany Trojans.

This home game, much different than those previous, was seen by spectators both live and in person. The schools have allowed a number of fans and cheerleaders to encourage their team.

The game began on the Trojan’s court and the Huskies showed no intention of loosening their defense. The first turnover occurred when senior Dawson Cox caught the rebound of a missed shot on Alleghany’s side. This led to fellow teammate Ethan Ashley scoring the first points of the game. Ashley then continued to play strong defense and steal the ball from the Trojans, handing it off to player Austin Poe to take a 4 point lead.

The rest of the quarter continued much like the first few minutes; the Huskies grabbing nearly every rebound and turning them into points. The quarter ended 11-3, Ashe in the lead.

The second quarter consisted of constant offensive energy which allowed the Huskies to continue to increase their lead against the Trojans. Many times, the players found strategies to take the ball from Alleghany. Earning foul shots and 3 pointers, the Huskies found themselves on top yet again, 24-11.

Alleghany took control in the beginning of the second half, retaining possession of the ball. However, Ashe took over within the first few minutes, continuing their way to a victorious win. Ethan Ashley progressed in his defensive plays, working with his teammates to hold possession of the ball and the leading score. The third quarter ended 30-11.

The final 8 minutes of the game showed nothing less than strong athleticism from both teams. Though trailing behind, he Trojans played to their peak and presented no signs of defeat. With a few tussles over the ball, Dalton Black of the Huskies dove for the ball at every chance he got, creating an aura around the gymnasium which rallied the home team. The Huskies outshone on their own court, ending the game 53-30.

Senior Austin Poe scored the highest in the game, earning 18 points.

Head Coach Nathan Colvard expressed how he felt about his teams performance.

“We did some good things. I thought our defensive intensity was really good, and I liked our aggressiveness in transition. We were just too sloppy on offense and missed some easy buckets. Hopefully that’s first-game nerves. Lots to work on but it’s a good start,” said Colvard.

The Ashe County Men’s Varsity Basketball team will play again on Jan. 8 at 6:30 p.m. in Starmount.

Ashe JV men’s basketball dominates against Trojans

WEST JEFFERSON — The Ashe County JV Men’s Basketball team lead their first home victory in a non-conference game against the Alleghany Trojans.

Leading the game in its entirety, a 20 point difference at one point, the Huskies held both strong defense and offense against the Trojans.

In the first minutes of the first quarter, the Huskies managed to steal the ball, scoring their first points. The quarter ended 12-2.

The second quarter held strong defensive plays for both the Huskies and the Trojans. Ashe worked together to create offensive strategies which earned them up to 27 points before halftime.

The 20 point lead occurred in the third quarter when the Huskies gained a score of 37, leaving the Trojans at 11.

The final quarter ended with Ashe leading 43-21.

The High School has allowed prospectors and cheerleaders to attend the game, keeping a close eye on social distancing and mask wearing.

The Ashe County JV Men’s basketball team will play again on Jan. 8 at 5:00 p.m. in Starmount.

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