WEST JEFFERSON — On Oct. 8, the Greenfield Campground Material Girls met at the old Greenfield Inn Restaurant for a special luncheon celebration.

For the past six years a dedicated group of seasonal Greenfield Campground residents have spent their free time hand-making loads of quilts, pillows, blankets and hats for patients at Ashe County Memorial Hospital. The team of around 20 seamstresses typically begin their labor of love during the winter months, and continue throughout their summer stay in the mountains.

“You can only sight see so much. You really want something to do that has some depth and meaning to it. We love to sew, so it seems the best thing to do is to put that to use and help someone,” said Margaret Degroat, a Greenfield Campground Material Girl.

This year the material girls stitched, sewed and knitted 30 quilts, 40 hats and more than a 100 pillows, all of which will be donated to the Ashe County Memorial Hospital.

Thanks to the support of owners Sammy and Shirley Church, the material girls have been able to repurpose the old Greenfield Inn Restaurant, transforming a section of the old eatery into a part-time sewing workshop.

Until recently, the Church’s were also owners of the Greenfield Campground until they sold it in January of this year.

“We just felt that it was a good thing that they were doing,” Sammy Church said. “Even after we sold it (the campground) we said that we have no problems with you girls coming over and sewing and so forth.”

It is within the walls of the former restaurant that most of the season’s work is complete, with many of the ladies involved setting up their own sewing machines, sergers and other equipment from home.

“This is where we actually do the work, thanks to them,” said material girl Pat Quesinberry referring to Sammy Church. “They’ve just been so good to us.”

The Greenfield Material Girls are always looking for and appreciative of donations including material, stuffing, batting and thread to continue making the items. For more information call Greenfield Campground at (336) 246-9106.

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