WEST JEFFERSON — A nail-biting game ensued in the Ashe County High School gym as the Husky boys’ varsity basketball team took victory against the Starmount Rams on Feb. 4.

Before the first whistle blow, the school celebrated senior night for the Ashe boys. Ethan Ashley, Tatum Brown, Dawson Cox, Camden Current, Jackson Krider, Jacob Miller, Austin Poe, Eli Randolph and Chase Wilson were escorted to the court by their families and were honored as they play their last few games as Huskies.

In a close game, the Huskies won against Starmount, leaving the court 67-63.

The Rams opened the game strong with the ball in their hands and easily took control of the scoreboard, leaving the Huskies trailing behind six points.

Current found himself struggling against the defending team as he fought for the ball, ultimately placing it in Ashley’s hands and scoring the first points for the Huskies.

Cox brought the score back as he dunked twice in the first quarter. The first coming as he rebounded his own shot and dunked and the next coming as he gained a foul with it.

The points remained close throughout the first half and the Huskies lead 35-32 at the end of the first 16 minutes.

Beginning the second half, Ashe sophomore Jake Grubb had a hot hand at three-pointers, eventually leaving the court with 15 points for his team.

The game held a tense energy as fouls became more present and Starmount gained themselves two technicals four unsportsmanlike conduct.

Poe found himself stealing and fighting for the ball as he gained points for the Huskies. However, the Rams would come right back and take the lead.

The parents in the audience built the energy as well as encouraged the boys to “play smart” and hold their own as the game stayed close throughout.

Finally, with two more dunks from Cox and easy foul shots, the Huskies took victory, a game sure to be placed in the books.

Unfortunately, the boys took defeat against North Wilkes on Feb. 5, coming home with a loss of 60-50.

They will return to the court on Feb. 8 at Elkin, starting at 6:30 p.m.

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