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WEST JEFFERSON — Following their first win of the season, the Ashe County Lady Huskies Varsity basketball team gained another success against the Starmount Rams on Jan. 7.

Now becoming 2-0 in their conference, the Huskies performed well as they beat the Rams 69-45

Six-foot junior Jayden Jones of the Lady Huskies exhibited exceptional ball work and shooting, gaining her team the first few points of the game. Her fellow teammate Katie Woods assisting her in possessing a loose ball from Starmount, showing teamwork in passing and ultimately scoring. A 6 point lead from the Huskies occurred within the first 2 minutes of the game.

The first quarter consisted of a few scuffles over the ball, both teams never backing down from gaining control of the ball. The Huskies and the Rams held strong offensive strategies which allowed them both more time with the ball in their court.

Freshman Abigail Jones also assisted in gaining their lead by gathering a few 3-pointers in the first half.

The first quarter ended 15-9 with Ashe on top.

Beginning in the second quarter, the Rams began to close the gap as the Huskies attempted to regain the ball. Their defense was filled with double-teaming and turnovers which allowed them to remain on top. Senior Kenadie Hudler aided in these plays and never once took her eye off the ball. Her teammate Audrey Craven also assisted as she intercepted a few passes from the Rams. The Huskies remained in the lead, 34-21 at the end of the first half.

The second half opened much like the others, however the Rams began to close the distance further in attempt to gain the lead. The Huskies defense was too strong, allowing the home team to lead the scoreboard, creating nearly a 20 point gap within minutes of the start of the third quarter. The Rams held their defense and regained the ball in turnovers, but it was not enough as the difference in scores only grew going into the final quarter.

The game ended 69-45 with the Lady Huskies remaining undefeated. The Lady Huskies will play again on Jan. 12 at 6:30 p.m. at North Wilkes.

JV Lady Huskies get win over Rams

WEST JEFFERSON — The JV Ladies basketball team of Ashe County High School are amping up their game as they beat the Starmount Rams 55-17 on Jan. 7.

The Huskies began the game strongly as they made sure to get their hands on the ball every chance they got.

With strong defensive plays, the Lady Huskies lead the first half with a 21 point score difference, 27-6.

Going into the second half, the Huskies remained on top as they carried the scoreboard 38-6 with only minutes left in the third quarter. he fourth quarter saw less of a difference with 39-12 with the Rams attempting to gain on the Huskies.

However, Ashe took victory, winning 55-17.

The Ashe County Lady Huskies basketball teams will resume games on Jan. 25.

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