Hole Lotta Doughnuts

The view of Hole Lotta Doughnuts from Jefferson Avenue, showing the large, orange awning and the neon side.

WEST JEFFERSON — It may be three months later than first planned, but the new Hole Lotta Doughnuts in downtown West Jefferson will finally open Wednesday, May 20, according to owner Butch Phillips.

Originally opened at the beginning of 2019 on N.C. 194 just outside of town, Hole Lotta Doughnuts has continued to capture the county’s imagination with their large doughnuts and tasty treats, which has led to many asking Phillips when the new location would finally open. Phillips said the biggest hurdle was the construction of the large patio area in front of the store, leading to a three month delay.

Despite that, Phillips said he and his staff are still excited about opening the new location, and are thrilled it is finally coming together. He said the new kitchen is twice the size of the entire previous location, but the new location will not just be a doughnut shop. Also available be hand-scooped ice cream and sodas for people of all ages to sit down and enjoy.

Phillips is also excited to serve what he calls, the Mt. Jefferson, two doughnuts topped with a pair of bananas and five scoops of ice cream.

However, the new location is not the only one opening this year. Phillips said they are already working on a location in Lenoir, and have a location on King Street in Boone where one more will go.

“Our plan is to bring that Ashe County hospitality to Boone and Lenoir,” Phillips said.

The new location in West Jefferson is located on Backstreet, behind Boondocks and next to Backstreet Subs.

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