Liquidation Station

Dawn Barker, alongside her daughter, Rachel, and husband, Chris, cuts the ribbon in celebration of the opening of Liquidation Station on Friday, July 12.

WEST JEFFERSON — Liquidation Station at 853A S. Jefferson Ave. has grown from a Facebook page to a newly opened business, celebrating its Ashe County Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting ceremony on Friday, July 12.

Liquidation Station sells a collection of discounted products, ranging from plates and flatware to bedding, kitchen appliances and home goods. Before opening the store, owners Dawn Barker and her daughter, Rachel Barker, sold items out of their homes.

“We started the business with a Facebook page, and it got so crazy that we had to open a store or quit altogether because it was consuming our houses,” Dawn Barker said. “It offers good quality products at deeply discounted prices.”

Discounts on items sold at Liquidation Station average around 70 percent off of the retail price, Dawn Barker said.

“So, people who could not ordinarily afford this stuff could buy it,” Dawn Barker said.

The Barkers bid online for the products and said that they purchase mostly new or slightly used items. They test each product to make sure that it’s functional.

“The merchandise is forever changing,” Dawn Barker said. “A lot of people have learned if they see it, they better get it.”

Rachel Barker said that the business idea started when her father, Chris Barker, challenged her to turn $5 into $10. She ended up turning the $5 into $25 by purchasing and reselling items and decided to stick with it.

After around a year and a half, Rachel Barker decided to expand and started the Facebook page with her mother in April. The business was so successful on Facebook that they realized they needed a larger space, which led to the opening of Liquidation Station.

“From what I’m seeing, you need a bigger space already,” Ashe County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kitty Honeycutt said at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Even after only being open for two weeks, Rachel Barker said that the back of the store is already full with products, as well as a trailer and her home.

“We’re going to have to grow at some point in the near future,” Dawn Barker said, adding that in just six weeks since discussing the idea of opening a store, she’s been pleased with how it all came together.

“Everything has just fell into place,” Dawn Barker said.

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