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Dr. Nick Cameron.

JEFFERSON — Dr. Nick Cameron, who serves as a senior therapist at Schuster Physical Therapy, recently earned his distinction as a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialities.

Cameron grew up in Whispering Pines, N.C., and received his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from Appalachian State. He later graduated from East Tennessee State University with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2014.

Becoming board-certified in orthopaedics was a five-year goal that Cameron set for himself while he was in Physical Therapy school.

“Finally getting to the point where I was eligible to sit for the board exam and getting to go back and really put myself in this ‘studying mode’ again was fun,” Cameron said. “It was almost like rejuvenating my interest in the field again.”

Practice manager Greg Schuster said that he and SPT staff are very proud of Cameron and his accomplishment. He added that his knowledge, experience and skill set are a great asset to this community because the board-certification is one of the highest designations available in the profession of physical therapy. It is shared by fewer than 5 percent of physical therapists in the United States.

A common goal of Cameron’s, along with Greg and his wife, PT/DPT Tracy-Lynn Schuster, was for their clinic to meet the needs of Ashe County.

Cameron said that by earning board-certification, this was their way of bringing top-notch care to a rural area that may not always be thought of as a top-notch healthcare destination, although it is.

“Physical therapists can be first-line providers, meaning that you can call and come in without seeing your primary care physician first,” Cameron said. “By doing this specialization, it really helped me show that I can be the one that evaluates someone and trusting that I can decide if it is a physical therapy matter or if it is something that needs to be treated using a different kind of medical management.”

He added that especially in a rural community such as Ashe County, it is important to know that if you are experiencing problems you can get into their clinic within a few days versus waiting to see a primary care provider.

Cameron’s sister was in a serious car accident when they were younger which resulted in multiple surgeries and a year of rehabilitation. This personal connection is what initially sparked his interest in the field of Physical Therapy.

“It is really neat that physical therapy can take a look at the body and evaluate how it moves right or how it moves wrong and how that can create problems,” Cameron said.

He added that through physical therapy the source of someone’s pain can be deciphered based on an abnormality in how they are moving.

The specialization includes anything involving the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones and joints. According to Cameron, he thoroughly enjoys treating shoulder issues, as well as back, hand and hip issues.

According to Cameron, due to COVID-19 the clinic has implemented telehealth in addition to having patients physically come to the clinic.

“That was a learning experience for myself to kind of step away and understand how I can look at somebody and treat somebody through a screen,” Cameron said. “It has definitely been a challenge, but a good one, and we have adapted really well. Our patients have adapted really well too.”

For more information about Cameron and the team at Schuster Physical Therapy and their services or to request an appointment, visit the website at www.schusterpt.com. For additional inquiries, call the clinic at (336) 846-7227.

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