Northwest Trading Post

Northwest Trading Post, located on the Blue Ridge Parkway at milepost 259 in Ashe County.

GLENDALE SPRINGS — The National Park Service announced the opportunity to acquire the remainder of a concession contract for retail operations at the Northwest Trading Post on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The Northwest Trading Post has operated since 1958, offering retail merchandise, plus food and beverage services in Ashe County at Milepost 259, according to a press release from the NPS.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances the current concession operator, Sally Mae’s LLC, is unable to fulfill the terms of their contract,” the NPS said. “Sally Mae’s LLC is interested in selling the business and transferring the contract to a new operator.”

The sale of the business includes associated inventory, displays and point of sale systems, according to the NPS.

In 2018, the Northwest Trading Post’s gross revenue was $323,984 during the mid-April to late-October operating season, the NPS said. Northwest Trading Post facilities consist of a 2,160 square-foot retail building and a 960 square-foot storage building, which is owned by the National Park Service.

“This contract transfer is subject to approval from the National Park Service,” the NPS said. “The current concession contract ends in May 2023 and present services (including retail merchandise, packaged food and beverage sales) could be adjusted subject to review and approval by the National Park Service.”

For more information, please contact Blue Ridge Parkway Concessions Specialist Laura Nelson at (828) 348-3407, or email; or contact Sally Mae’s LLC owner Bill Radcliff at (336) 877-7827 or

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