Third Day Downtown

Kitty Honeycutt, El Wilson, Jean Lutz, Lou Buchanan, Leota Coffey, Paula Perry, Leah Privette, Brantley Price, Kaitlin Carpenter, Jennifer Pasley-Smith and Don Smith celebrate Third Day Downtown’s ribbon cutting, organized by the Ashe County Chamber of Commerce. Third Day Downtown is located at 14 South Jefferson Ave. in West Jefferson.

WEST JEFFERSON — Third Day Market is expanding, opening a second location separate from the business in Jefferson. Third Day Downtown, as it will be called to distinguish it from the original business, is located at 14 South Jefferson Ave. in West Jefferson.

The new location will sell different items, according to Third Day’s Kaitlin Carpenter.

“Third Day Downtown is a little portion of Third Day Market,” Carpenter said. “It’s the same style that we carry at Third Day Market, but it’s more gift-centered, and we have a year-round Christmas shop here.”

As the previous business in the building was known for selling Christmas decorations, Carpenter made it a point to continue that tradition.

“No one else sells Christmas around here, and we knew that the previous owners — ‘Tis The Season — had a lot of people coming here for Christmas,” Carpenter said. “We wanted to carry that over into Third Day Downtown.”

Ashe County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kitty Honeycutt said she is excited for the year-round Christmas shop.

“I love Christmas decorations,” Honeycutt said. “It’s very fitting being here in the Christmas tree producing capital of the country. It’s the same warm, friendly service that we get at the original Third Day Market. It just feels comfortable and cozy, and everything is beautiful.”

Carpenter praised the chamber for working to promote both businesses in Ashe County.

“They’ve been so supportive,” Carpenter said. “It’s nice knowing that they not only want our business to do well, but they want the entire county to do well.”

Honeycutt said it was a compliment to have Third Day join the chamber for a second time when opening the new location.

“We do work hard to promote the original store, and of course they realize we’re going to work hard to promote this one,” Honeycutt said. “They’re great chamber members and the work they do, they’ve done some great partnerships with us.”

When people walk into Third Day Downtown, Carpenter said she wants them to feel the Lord’s presence, along with the warm and friendly customer care associated with the Third Day brand.

“(You can feel the Lord in) the people that work here and with the whole experience that you have,” Carpenter said. “There is Christian merchandise like signage, nativity scenes and jewelry thats Christian-based.”

Even the Third Day name is faith-based.

“On the third day God created the seeds, the trees and the land,” Carpenter said. “We knew we wanted to make the business religious and show our faith in the store. Since we started as a garden center, Third Day is what we wanted to go with.”

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