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Ashe County real estate sales soared to an unprecedented high in 2018, with 608 properties sold — a 79 percent increase above the 2012 sales total of $61.2 million, with Regency Properties of downtown West Jefferson at the forefront of those sales, according to owner and broker-in-charge Andrea Witherspoon, adding that an incredible effort precedes any acceptable property sale.

“The real estate exchange requires so much more than listing the property and placing a ‘for sale’ sign on it,” Witherspoon said. “Numerous behind the scenes factors must be considered before a successful deal comes together.”

While listing and advertising with Regency Properties is free, many additional pieces must come together before a deal is finalized and the agent or office is paid, according to Witherspoon, who said buyers should know that any Regency agent can show the buyer any house in any High Country county.

“One piece of sound advice is to remain with the same agent throughout the search,” Witherspoon said. “By doing this, the agent quickly recognized the buyer’s needs, wishes and preferences in property and can readily eliminate and evaluate the best choices for this client.”

She said dialogue, accessibility and listening are essential traits of Regency agents’ personalities, adding that seeing the clients’ smiles and satisfaction are rewarding to all parties, regardless of the amount of the sale.

One of the essential elements in closing a deal is for the buyer to get pre-qualified, according to Regency, because it is a key to showing commitment and solidifying the exact amount that buyers have to work with to close their transaction.

Compared to other locations, our four-season weather, majestic mountain views, and hospitable spirit make the mountains a desirable location for newcomers and natives, according to Regency agents. Regency Properties works diligently to meet the needs and wishes of those searching for a new home or property.

Regency Properties has seven full-time agents willing to help you list, negotiate, sell or buy the property you want.

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