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Ashe County Board of Education has completed a survey for
Asbestos Materials in our school buildings. EPA has, as required
under Section 203 of Title II of the Toxic Substance Control Act
(TSCA), issued a final rule requiring all local school agencies,
(public and private) to identify all Asbestos Containing Materials
(ACM) in their buildings and to take appropriate actions to control
the release of asbestos fibers. Accredited personnel have inspected
each building, taken samples of all suspected materials, and then
after analysis, returned and labeled friable Asbestos Containing
Materials. As part of this survey, accredited personnel have also
developed a management plan. The Management Plan identifies:
all samples taken, those samples that contain asbestos and their
locations, the current physical condition of the asbestos containing
material, and a written plan to control future asbestos fiber release.
All response actions, preventive measures, and removals
recommended by our management planner have been completed.
Periodic surveillance is required every six months and reinspection
every three years. As required by the federal register, records of
these procedures have been included in the management plan at
each school.
Asbestos does not need to be removed from a building to control
fiber release. Fiber release can be controlled by encapsulation,
enclosure, and/or repair. When Asbestos Containing Materials are
handled properly, fiber release can be far below the North Carolina
“Acceptable for Occupancy” level of 0.01 fibers/cc.
The completed Management Plan is on file in the administrative
office and individual school offices, and can be examined on any
school day during normal working hours.


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