WEST JEFFERSON — The annual Project Graduation Fundraiser took place on April 23 and 24 in the parking lot beside McDonalds in West Jefferson. Put together by Dianne Eldreth, nearly $7,000 was deposited toward the event this past weekend.

Many students and staff volunteered to raise money for the May 28-29 safe-graduation event, which will take place in the Ashe County High School football field vicinity. The event has not been held in person since 2019 due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and students are excited to participate. For the 2020 graduates, the event was virtual.

“We deposited $6,815 for the weekend, one of the best I can remember,” said Eldreth. “This amount does not include the donations that are made by mail or to the school. Currently, we lack just a few thousand in order to reach our goal of $30,000. We are a 501c3 charity, so any donation is tax deduction.”

Due to inclement weather, the fundraiser had to be shut down at noon on Saturday.

“The money was so wet, I had to dry it before we could count it,” Eldreth said.

Not including the four senior classes from ACHS that came to help out in their fourth period on Friday, there was a total of 49 student volunteers and 18 parent volunteers.

“We’d like to thank all the businesses, churches, and individuals who have contributed,” said Eldreth. “I hear the seniors are super excited about getting to have it this year.”

Project Graduation will take place on May 28 at 9 p.m. and last until 6 a.m. on May 29.

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