ashe county parks & rec soccer field

The soccer field at Ashe County Parks & Recreation in Jefferson has provided a space for local athletes to build their skills and be active.

JEFFERSON — Ashe County Parks and Recreation is updating its Systemwide Recreation Master Plan originally adopted and prepared in December 2006. This undertaking is a chance for the public to give input and shape the future of recreational opportunities in Ashe County.

The update will begin with a survey/questionnaire developed by McGill Associates and Parks and Recreation staff. The survey/questionnaire asks participants questions about their use of existing park facilities and improvements they would like to see, as well as what new amenities they might like to see in the future.

To ensure that responses can be compiled before the planning work begins, McGill Associates has asked for the surveys to be completed and returned as quickly as possible.

The survey can be found online at and on the county’s social media outlets.

A printed version of the survey is available at any county Parks and Recreation facility and most county offices.

Completed surveys can be returned to the Ashe County Parks and Recreation office at 626 Ashe Central School Rd Unit 16 in Jefferson.

Ashe County Parks and Recreation has changed over the years to suit different interests and tastes. Interest in organized sports like soccer and baseball has continued to grow, along with the need for ballfields to accommodate more space. Outdoor recreation has expanded recently with the emergence of disc golf at Ashe Park and the push for additional hiking trails and fishing and canoeing/kayaking opportunities.

ashe parks and rec baseball field

Interest in organized sports including baseball has continued to grow in Ashe County.

Working with McGill and Associates through this planning process will be Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Anderson, Parks and Recreation staff and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

Carol Coulter, the Advisory Board Chair, looks forward to getting the project underway.

“This comprehensive Parks and Recreation plan will be focused around the goals of our community,” Coulter said. “We want to continue to seek ways to improve and develop programs that will enrich the lives of all Ashe County citizens. Responding to this survey will be your opportunity to set the course for recreational programs and facilities over the next ten years.”

Ashe Parks & Rec gym

The gymnasium at Ashe County Parks & Recreation has been the site for countless basketball, volleyball and pickleball games.

Once completed survey/questionnaires are received, planners with McGill and Associates will begin compiling the results and formulating a plan for the next 10 years.

“This plan will be critical as we look to develop new park opportunities in the County,” said Ashe County Manager Adam Stumb. “Agencies that provide grants for parks and recreation often look for a recent plan to make sure your goals match up with what the public is asking for. There needs to be direct citizen involvement in this process.”

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