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ASHE COUNTY — Ashe County Schools ranked at the top of the list in regard to state End of Course and End of Grade testing, according to a release from ACS.

When breaking down the data, Ashe County Schools ranked second in the Northwest Region and seventh in the state overall in the tested subject areas of reading, English, math and science. These tests were given to elementary, middle and high school students across the district, the release said.

Ashe County Schools also ranked first overall in testing for third through eighth grade students in the Northwest Region and fourth overall in the state. Math 1 scores ranked sixth and the Math 3 scores ranked third in the Northwest Region as well as 22nd and 16th respectively when compared to the state.

Ashe County Schools ranked first in the region and state in sixth grade math, as well as fifth and eighth grade science. This is the second consecutive year that fifth and eighth grade science scores at ACS have ranked first overall in North Carolina, according to the release.

“I am extremely pleased with our test scores,” Superintendent Phyllis Yates said. “It’s obvious how hard our students and teachers have worked. I have no doubt that we can be ranked number one in the northwest region in the near future and eventually No. 1 in the state.”

Curriculum and Federal Programs Director Julie Taylor said that data only tells part of the story.

“Our teachers truly are working to create a better world as they teach our students how to be productive and responsible citizens,” Taylor said.

Moving forward into the 2019-2020 school year, Ashe County schools are working together to identify areas that offer opportunities for improvements as they strive to be the best in the state, according to CTE and Accountability Director Earl Pennington.

“My experience in the various schools across the county has shown me something that we have known for a long time — Ashe County Schools are some of the best in the state and are full of caring and dedicated teachers, administrators, staff and parents working together to help our students reach their highest potential,” Pennington said.

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