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Third-grade students, including Meridy Brown, took time to learn about litter and how to keep Ashe County clean.

ASHE COUNTY — Third-grade students throughout Ashe County partnered with the Keep Ashe Beautiful education committee to learn about littering and problem-solved to help keep the county litter free.

Keep Ashe Beautiful and Ashe County Schools creatively utilized the Elementary STEM program to enable third graders to learn about the effects of littering in the county through hands-on lessons. Courtney Eller, STEM coordinator for Ashe County elementary schools, presented the KAB lesson. Keep Ashe Beautiful provided lesson materials focused around the book The Wartville Wizard by Don Madden. Students actively discussed why people litter and how littering directly impacts Ashe County and our earth.

Keep Ashe Beautiful (KAB) sponsored the How Long Does It Last? group activity related to decomposition rates of common recyclable items. KAB provided students with bags of recyclable materials to sort materials based on how long it took the items to decompose. Students were amazed to discover that straws take roughly 100 years and that glass is one of the longest-lasting man-made materials on earth. After the hands-on learning experience, students collaborated to engineer solutions to limit littering and reduce, reuse, and recycle in Ashe County. Students also learned the song, “The World Is Not Your Garbage Can.”

Thanks to the KAB educational committee, students were given “No Trash In Ashe! Think Before You Toss” activity booklets, a goodie bag with a variety of items, and an invitation to “Be A Litter Getter” by picking up around their home or a neighbor’s, friend’s or family member’s home.

The focus of the Keep Ashe Beautiful (KAB) education committee is working with school-age students and providing environmental education related to littering, reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting “Making Every Day Earth Day.”

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