The Surfacide Helios UV-C Disinfection System at Ashe Memorial Hospital

The Surfacide Helios UV-C Disinfection System, a hospital-grade UV solution that uses UV-C light energy to eliminate deadly pathogens on hard surfaces is now being used at Ashe Memorial Hospital in Jefferson.

JEFFERSON — Ashe Memorial Hospital recently purchased the Surfacide Helios UV-C Disinfection System, a hospital-grade UV solution that uses UV-C light energy to eliminate deadly pathogens on hard surfaces.

The three tower system implements multiple emitters into the patient environment, allowing all areas of the patient room, including the bathroom, to be cleaned. This new technology will be used to further enhance the strict cleaning protocols that Ashe Memorial Hospital already has in place to control bacteria and viruses. In addition to the use of Surfacide, Ashe Memorial Hospital’s environmental services department will continue to perform its daily cleaning operations to ensure the hospital’s patients and team members remain safe.

“Ashe Memorial Hospital is proud to partner with Surfacide and incorporate the Surfacide UV-C Disinfection System into our infection prevention measures,” Ashe Memorial Hospital CEO Brian Yates said. “The safety of our patients and team members is our top priority, and by adding the Surfacide UV-C Disinfection System, a proven and effective source in fighting healthcare acquired infections, we can further reduce the presence of dangerous bacterial pathogens and viruses, creating a safer environment for our community.”

Ashe Memorial received the new technology April 19 and has since been using Surfacide to sanitize patient care areas throughout the hospital on a rotating basis.

The Surfacide Helios UV-C Disinfection System is a hard surface disinfection solution that uses multiple light-emitting robots in a single disinfection cycle. During the cycle, the towers operate together to direct UV-C energy onto multiple services within the environment, eliminating the spread of pathogens in as short a time as five minutes.

Surfacide emitters calculate the most effective UV-C cycle time based on the size of the space being cleaned. The new technology also has the ability to detect anyone entering the room and will instantly shut off the three emitters, ensuring patient, visitor and team member safety.

Founded in 2010, Surfacide is the world’s first and only patented, automated, multiple-emitter UV-C system designed to safely eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses. Surfacide has been used in more than 500 leading hospitals, nursing homes, fire stations, police stations and hotels, among other businesses and venues. For more information on Surfacide visit

About Ashe Memorial Hospital

For nearly 80 years, Ashe Memorial Hospital’s dedicated team of board certified physicians, nurses and staff members have provided the highest quality medical care available to the people of Ashe County and the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains. Ashe Memorial Hospital offers a wide variety of emergency, elective, rehabilitation and preventative health services.

Founded in 1941, Ashe Memorial Hospital is a fully accredited 25 bed critical hospital located in Jefferson. For more information, please visit or call (336) 846-7101.

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