The Ashe County Chamber of Commerce and community members gather at The Venue to welcome Josh and Lauren Brown to West Jefferson on Feb. 10. During the event guests enjoyed a lunch prepared by Lauren and had the opportunity to tour her new office space.

WEST JEFFERSON — A luncheon and ribbon-cutting was held at The Venue downtown on Feb. 10 to welcome interior design consultant, Lauren Brown to the area.

The event began at 11:30 a.m. with Brown and all in attendance introducing themselves and getting to know one another.

Brown has been sharing her expertise with clients for more than 30 years and recently moved to Jefferson Landing with her husband, Josh.

“I was born to do this and it’s in my blood, and I just wanted to be able to share. So my whole purpose is to be of service,” Brown said.

She often takes clients to the Hickory Furniture Mart and home furnishings is her area of expertise. Brown represents over 100 different brands.

“What I’ll do when clients come, if I have a brand that they’re looking at or I suggest one, if they get better pricing in Hickory I’m all about it,” Brown said. “I’m really all about the client.”

Guests were treated to a lunch of barbecued pork, potato salad and vanilla cake with coconut frosting prepared by Brown herself.

The atmosphere was inviting with a table in the middle of the room adorned with gold balloons and plates for attendees to help themselves at their leisure. Music was playing to fit the mood.

Brown’s office is located inside of A-1 Mountain Realty in downtown West Jefferson.

Additional information about Brown and her services can be accessed at

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