Me Myself And Eye

Stephanie Marin-Roberts

Ashe County Arts Council will present “Blindside” at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 22 at the Ashe Civic Center. In a feat of riveting comedy, one-eyed storytelling champion and cancer survivor Stephanie Morin-Roberts recounts her life as a feisty 7 year-old who wields her glass-eye as a superpower.

In “Blindside,” a prospector’s recent diamond discovery forces his daughter, a young and sheltered cancer patient with a prosthetic eye, to change schools in the middle of the third grade. While her family members are distracted by their luxurious new lifestyles, she struggles with finding the confidence it takes to face her tormenting bullies at her new school. With the help of her cat, a pair of sunglasses, and an undesirable superpower, she soon discovers that she has what it takes to fight back and come to terms with her disability.

Morin-Roberts is a critically acclaimed Canadian multidisciplinary artist who successfully and extensively tours to recognized festivals and venues across the globe. Her work as a performing artist has been celebrated by a wide range of audiences, critics and producers with sold out runs, rave reviews and multiple awards underlining her outstanding talent, professionalism and charm.

Graduating from Concordia University with a degree in Performance and Contemporary Dance, Morin-Roberts was rewarded as the most outstanding graduate for her expansive interpretation of choreography and her ability to cultivate an interest in creating work that merges physical comedy and dance to enhance her audience’s theatrical experience.

Past co-producer and host of “Dirty Feet,” a Montreal-based podcast, Morin-Roberts orchestrated a modern discourse on dance and physical theater. As the co-artistic director, performer and choreographer for the company For Body And Light along with word artist and musician Ian Ferrier, they have created productions that merge storytelling and dance to portray the might of Canada’s climate and the perseverance of Canadians.

Morin-Roberts has collaborated with other outstanding Canadian artists to create other performance art pieces including “The Merkin Sisters” and “Bushel and Peck.” Morin-Roberts is on tour in the United States with her presentation of “Blindside.” While in West Jefferson she will also present a program to the Ashe County High School.

Tickets are $20 adults and $5 students and may be purchased at the Ashe Arts Center or by calling (336) 846-2787.

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