BOC 7/06

Commissioner Jerry Powers, Vice Chair William Sands, Chair Todd McNeill, Commissioner Chuck Olive and Commissioner Jonathan Jordan discuss agenda items in their meeting on July 6.

JEFFERSON — The Ashe County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on July 6 at 9 a.m. in the third floor court room of the Ashe County Courthouse.

Those commissioners in attendance were Chair Todd McNeill, Vice Chair William Sands, Chuck Olive, Jerry Powers and Jonathan Jordan.

To begin the meeting, the commissioners approved the minutes for the month of June including the budget work sessions. They then added Lansing Mayor Powers to the agenda. The agenda was adopted.

Commissioners held a public hearing for the Building Inspections Ordinance Amendment, which amends the current code of ordinances to preference the fees on file with the inspections. This ordinance would prevent the Inspectors from having to adopt and revise every time there is a change in fees.

Planning Director Wesley Barker presented to the board and said he would like to for the fees to be based on the total area of the building and total costs of proposed work. The commissioners adopted the changes as needed.

The Ashe County Frescoes Foundation then held a special presentation for the board of Commissioners. Jeff Dryer, president of the foundation, began with explaining the mission of the foundation, which is to preserve and protect their works of art and churches.

Dryer presented to the commissioners a book which holds their mission and informs readers on local models and masterpieces.

“They generate an economic impact here in the county,” said Dryer. “Thousands of visitors every year grace those churches and look at those beautiful, beautiful frescoes.”

The foundation gifted each commissioner their own copy of the book.

“These frescoes are really an asset to our county,” said Sands. “They have a lot of visitors.”

Mayor Mack Powers of Lansing then wished a very happy birthday to his mother, saying he wouldn’t have had the success he has today without her.

He then requested help in mowing downtown Lansing.

“Our traffic has grown,” said Mayor Powers. “We have lot of people coming through Lansing, coming to the park and coming through town. In order to keep the momentum we have, we have to keep the park and the town looking really good.”

Powers then went onto say that he and his colleagues had realized that mowing comes in contract. He also found out that Lansing is the second largest green space in the county.

“What helps us, helps the county,” Powers said. “We’re pushing for more retail and more people to be a part of Lansing.”

The board of commissioners made a motion that they put $12,000 up for a new lawn mower for the town and approved the request.

The meeting then moved onto comments from the board.

“I hope everyone had a good Independence Day,” said Jordan. “I’m very honored to be here to represent the citizens.”

“Every time I ride through West Jefferson now, I have a different perspective after I started this,” said Olive. “I’m glad to see the county doing a great job.”

“The fireworks were really nice,” said Sands. “Where we’re doing it now couldn’t be better. We have so much going for us in this county with the (Ashe County) Chamber doing a tremendous job. We are really blessed in Ashe County.”

“I have to agree with Commissioner Sands, we couldn’t have had a better place to hold fireworks,” said Powers.

“We had a tremendous weekend,” said McNeill. “There are so many vantage points that are very successful. Surrounding counties came to see the fireworks and to shop in our stores. I’m glad everybody had a good holiday.”

County Manager Adam Stumb gave a congratulations to Kevin Anderson and Parks and Recreation for putting on the show.

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