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The hunters of Ashe County came through for the needy in the 2019 hunting season with 71 deer donated to Hunters for the Hungry. A single deer taken illegally was confiscated by a game warden and also donated to the program. The 72 deer is 10 more than were donated during the 2018 hunting season.

“An average deer can have up to 50 pounds of meat on it, so 72 donated deer could equal more than 3,600 pounds of meat that will feed hungry families through the first part of 2020,” said Bill Burkett, coordinator of the North Carolina Hunters for the Hungry program for the Ashe County Wildlife Club.

The Wildlife Club donates money each year for the donated deer to be processed and then distributed to three food banks in the county. The organizations that get the wrapped meals are Ashe Really Cares, Ashe Outreach Ministries, and Camp New Hope. People needing the protein-rich venison can get it in wrapped packages to take home.

“I hope hunters will plan on getting out in the woods more in 2020 once their own freezers are full. Once they finish hunting for their own families, they need to go back out and hunt for the hungry families we know we have in Ashe County,” said Burkett.

The Ashe County Wildlife Club is an organization of men and women and teenagers who love the outdoors. It maintains rifle, pistol and shotgun ranges in eastern Ashe County for members to use. The law enforcement agencies of the area also use the ranges to qualify.

Visit the website, which can be accessed at for membership information.

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