WEST JEFFERSON — A special luncheon was held at the former Greenfield restaurant at noon for the Greenfield Campground Material Girls to present and donate handcrafted pillows, hats and blankets to representatives from Ashe Memorial Hospital.

This year they donated 100 pillows, 25 quilts and 50 hats to the hospital to be distributed to patients of all ages.

Present at the luncheon was CEO of AMH Brian Yates, CFO of AMH Charles Wright and Vice President of Compliance James Lambert.

“Thank you guys so much for doing this, I know that we appreciate it and our patients appreciate it,” Yates said.

After helping themselves to the lunch prepared by Material Girl Debra Edwards and her committee, those in attendance visited the Mary Worsham studio to show off their work.

“We really hope that these quilts and these hats and these pillows bring comfort to the patients,” said Material Girl Margaret DeGroat.

“A lot of love and a lot of prayers went into these quilts,” she added.

Prior to the playing of a special song written about the Greenfield Material Girls, DeGroat also thanked the men who were present who have also aided them in their endeavors.

According to DeGroat, there are more than 20 Greenfield Material Girls who work all summer long and some begin working during the winter months cutting fabric.

They receive plenty of donations of materials and they are currently participating in a sweatshirt project where they sell embroidered sweatshirts to raise money to purchase fabric. People have also donated sewing machines to be used.

According to Vivian Catt, the Greenfield Material Girls are always looking for and appreciative of donations including material, stuffing, batting and thread to continue making the items.

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