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LANSING — The Lansing Board of Aldermen met in regular session on March 10 to discuss plans for a barbecue cook-off and hear this year’s plans for the Ashe County Farmers Market.

Ryan Ham and Rick Poe spoke about a trying to have a barbecue cook-off in the park near the barn in October. Their plan is to do something similar to the Christmas in July festival and work in conjunction with the Lansing Fire Department, but bringing the income into the town of Lansing.

The event would include both contestants and vendors, and the Lansing Volunteer Fire Department would provide a bounce house for children to play in.

Town Clerk Marcy Little said the park was already reserved for Ashe County High School’s zombie run on the second Saturday in October but the first and third Saturday were free.

There would need to be hot water hand washing stations as well as fire extinguishers at each spot reserved for cooking, so the event would have to be approved by the health department.

The event was unanimously approved by the board.

Amanda Gentry, President of the Ashe County Farmers Market talked about how they are trying to reach out to other communities in the county, aside from just West Jefferson.

According to Gentry market has five permanent vendors from Lansing and as of last year there were 55 members in the market.

“We need to get the young folks farming and coming out,” Gentry said.

They are working with WIC, EBT and AppHealthCare this year and were awarded a grant for double bucks, Gentry said. If customers come and spend their EBT funds, the market will double that.

“Current our customers tend to be tourists, which is nice but we want people to come buy their food there because we have really good local food. So come out and shop, we open April 11,” Gentry said. “We want to reach out to all our communities.”

Firefighter Anthony Richardson provided an update from the fire department.

According to Richardson, the 3-bay substation which will be located near the Helton community building should be constructed and ready to be used by April or June. The building is expected to house one engine, one first responder unit and one brush truck.

The fire department currently has 33 members, three junior members and four auxiliary members. According to Richardson, the fire department recently applied for the 2020 Fire Grant, which is a 50/50 matching grant. The grant includes five full sets of turnout gear, five breakaway safety vests, two chargeable LED box lite flashlights, one portable firefighting foam unit, two specialty hose nozzles and three gated hose hook up valves.

Richardson said approved applicants will be announced in May.

The Call/Alarm report for the month of January was 23 and the Call/Alarm report for the month of February was 27, according to Richardson.

The board entered at closed session at the end of the meeting.

According to Little, the board returned to regular session at 9:04 p.m. and took action on the request from new owner of 400 H Street, Lansing, to receive water and sewer service to the barn structure on the property.

After some discussion, Alderman Richardson made a motion to require the owner of parcel 16215004 to annex a sufficient amount of the property, to include the structure, for the utility lines to be installed and the service started. The motion was seconded by Alderman Cordell.

With no further actions or discussion, a motion to adjourn was made by Alderman Cordell and Mayor Powers adjourned the meeting at 9:20 p.m.

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