Sandy Roten

New Lansing Town Clerk, Sandy Roten.

LANSING — Those visiting town hall in Lansing will be greeted by a new friendly face. Longtime resident Sandy Roten is enjoying her new role as Lansing Town Clerk. Former Town Clerk Marcy Little stepped down from the role in August.

Roten retired from United Chemi-Con after 39 years of service and returned to Wilkes Community College where she completed her accounting and business administration degree.

Prior to applying for the position as Lansing Town Clerk, Roten served as a substitute teacher at Ashe County Middle School for about three years.

Roten said she accepted the opportunity mostly because she has always lived in Lansing and been a part of the community. She attended the Historic Lansing School and graduated from Northwest Ashe High School.

“I felt like it would be a good fit for me and the community,” Roten said. “I could contribute to them and they could help me too.”

Roten is active in the Heart Association and enjoys reading, quilting and traveling. She loves sports and enjoys Ashe County High School sporting events and supporting student athletes. She also enjoys spending time with her grandson, Austin Hart who she is very proud of.

Roten’s two children, Jennifer Hart and Daniel Roten, are both Ashe County residents.

Roten said she is enjoying the new position so far, and there is a lot to learn being in a government role rather than a business environment.

She said she enjoys working with the public and is excited to continue meeting and working with the residents of Lansing.

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