Odd Fellows pancake breakfast

Eric Staples flips pancakes during the Jefferson Lodge Odd Fellows fundraising breakfast on Saturday, June 29, at Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church. Also pictured is Nancy Wilson.

WEST JEFFERSON — More than 75 people headed to Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church for a pancake breakfast fundraiser organized by the Jefferson Lodge Odd Fellows on Saturday, June 29.

“The tables have stayed full all day,” Odd Fellows secretary Monica Young said.

Young said that the Jefferson Lodge Odd Fellows serves as an emergency distress organization for Ashe County, providing all sorts of support for those struggling financially in the area.

The organization’s efforts include helping to pay for people’s rent, groceries, car repairs and medical prescriptions.

“Almost everything we make goes out in the community,” Young said.

Jefferson Lodge Odd Fellows also raises money for non-traditional scholarships, such as supporting those trying to earn their General Educational Development certification or providing tools for those starting auto mechanic school, deputy district grand master Nancy Weaver said.

The pancake breakfast served as a way to raise funds for the Jefferson Lodge Odd Fellows emergency distress efforts. The organization has operated in Ashe County for more than 110 years, Odd Fellows member Sam Weaver said.

Debbie Grubb, district grand master, thanked Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church for allowing the Jefferson Lodge Odd Fellows to use their facilities.

The organization will have an informational booth set up during Christmas in July for those who want to learn more about the Jefferson Lodge Odd Fellows.

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