Paver bricks to honor veterans at Ashe County Courthouse

From left to right, Dewey Covington, Lonnie Jones, Bob Phipps, Ramona Renfroe and David Fox display one of the brick pavers that will line the walkway at their feet.

JEFFERSON — To commemorate those who served in the armed forces, planning is under way for a new display of recognition at the Museum of Ashe County History, according to veteran Bob Phipps.

Brick pavers baring the names of veterans will be laid beside the walkway leading to the honor roll obelisk on the museum lawn that honors Ashe County service members who died during World War I and II, Phipps said.

To purchase a paver, museum director Ramona Renfroe said to contact her by phone at (336) 846-1904, or stop by the museum at 301 E Main Street in Jefferson. The cost of a brick is $100, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the museum, according to Phipps.

The honor roll obelisk was erected by Jefferson VFW in the 1930s, and proceeds from the pavers will help refresh the area surrounding the monument, along with other museum projects, according to museum curator Don Long.

The pavers — ordered through a Morganton-based nonprofit called Foundation Forward, which donated the Charters of Freedom setting outside the Ashe County Courthouse in November — are another way of honoring veterans, which is an ongoing objective for the Museum of Ashe County History, Renfroe said. Jefferson VFW is also involved with the project.

While planning for the pavers project continues, the bricks themselves are already available for ordering, and construction should begin sometime in August, Phipps said.

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