Skywalk Sculpture

The Skywalk sculpture is now back in front of the Watauga County Public Library.

BOONE — Some eagle -eyed folks might have already noticed, but a familiar sight has been returned to Downtown Boone.

“Skywalk” by Wayne Trapp, which was donated in 2010, has been returned to its downtown location in the beautiful lawn of the Watauga County Public Library.

In 2010, the piece was donated to the Downtown Boone Development Association’s Public Art program, in honor of Joni and Peter Petschauer’s many generous contributions to artists and the arts in our community.

After some time in the beautiful mountain sun, Trapp felt called to refurbish the piece so he brought “Skywalk” back to his home studio to be repainted.

Unfortunately, Trapp passed away before he could finish repainting it, leaving “Skywalk” separated from its home at the library.

With the support of the family — alongside Peter Petschauer, Director of the Watauga Arts Council Amber Bateman, Lindsay Miller with the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts and Lane Moody with the Downtown Development Association — “Skywalk” was returned to its intended home on Dec. 13.

The town of Boone stated in a press release that a special thanks given to the support of the Watauga County Public Library, Zach Smith Johnson and Lucas Blume with WNC Sculpture Center and Town of Boone Public Works for their help in returning the piece.

“‘Skywalk’ needs to be refurbished to its original glory.

“We would like to ask for patience while we work to clean, replace the original plaque and have it repainted in the spring,” the town of Boone stated in a press release.

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