Cameron Current

Dr. Cameron Current at Current Chiropractic, which has been easing Ashe County’s injuries, aches and pains for 60 years.

When it comes to injuries, aches and pains, Current Chiropractic has had Ashe County’s back for 60 years and counting, according to Dr. Cameron Current, second-generation owner of the family-run physician’s office.

“We’re proud of our commitment to Ashe County and the surrounding areas,” Current said. “It’s a great profession to be able to help other people, to have a great working relationship with our medical community — it’s a great thing, I love helping people.”

Founded in 1959 by Dr. R.W. Current, Current Chiropractic offers traditional chiropractic care for the spine and joints, as well as low-force techniques, massage therapy and acupuncture, among other services.

“We use natural techniques to help repair damage caused to the soft tissues, and we try to realign the spine to restore optimum function within the body,” Current said. “Our clinic tries to prevent the need for medications and surgeries — we pride ourselves in using natural techniques that really do work, and we’ve been doing that for a long time.”

Current is a licensed physician in the state of North Carolina, and his office accepts most types of insurance with no need for referrals, he said. Current said his office offers after-hours appointments, and anyone in need of therapy can call (336) 846-5651 to schedule an appointment.

Current Chiropractic was voted best chiropractor of 2018 by Ashe Post & Times readers — adding to the wall of “best of the best” plaques hanging on the wall in his office’s reception room.

“We’re very proud of that, we are very grateful and humbled by that,” Current said. “We are honored to serve Ashe County.”

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