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Dorothy ‘Dot’ Francis of Jim’s Corner Furniture. Francis said that it is the mission of the company to be an active, positive part of the community, giving back to those that have made Jim’s Corner Furniture what it is today.

Beginning in 1980 with Jim and Dorothy “Dot” Francis, Jim’s Corner Furniture in Warrensville has worked to provide people in Ashe County with top-notch furniture and quality customer service from Day One.

Dot Francis said that the services are made possible by the eight employees who work at Jim’s Corner Furniture. Also, in the past two years, family members have been able to contribute to the long-standing success of the business.

Dot Francis’ daughter, Sarah, has done photography and social media from a satellite location, and her grandson Ethan worked delivery when out of school.

“We are very elated about that,” Dot Francis said.

One part of Jim’s Corner Furniture that is often overlooked is the company’s community service. Dot Francis said the store has participated in a Heart Fund auction hosted by a local radio station for many years. She has accumulated furniture items through time that she believes will work for the event and will continue participating in the future.

Jim’s Corner Furniture partners with other organizations like the Ashe County Sharing Center on ventures that also help the community. The business also offers hauling away the customers’ old furniture on the delivery of new items.

“We keep a list of needs, and we do our best to distribute anything with any life in it to folks who can get some good from it,” Dot Francis said.

In other instances, the Blue Ridge Opportunity Commission helps out Jim’s Corner Furniture in the distribution of goods.

“They do great work in a lot of different areas,” Dot Francis said. “We’ve been able to turn that whole thing into something that is helpful to a lot of people.”

Since it was started, Jim’s Corner Furniture has had one main mission and focus.

“It’s our aim to be an active, positive part of the the community and give back to the people that have helped make our business what it is,” Dot Francis said.

Through the years, Jim and Dot Francis have been a part of many homes in Ashe County, whether it be through organizations like BROC or selling from the ever-growing store. Dot Francis said that the company stresses that Jim’s Corner Furniture is very selective in what they sell, making sure each piece is of the best quality.

“We are selling to the third generation now,” Dot Francis said. “If we sell you something bad, you’re not going to send your children here to fill their house. That is a major aim of our business. (Selling) quality product that will bring you back and your children and grandchildren back here.”

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