Across North Carolina, from Elkin to Wilkesboro to Lenoir and all over Ashe County, LifeStore Bank and LifeStore Insurance provides banking and coverage to people across the state. However, those who live in Ashe County experience extra benefits.

LifeStore’s corporate headquarters are based in downtown West Jefferson, providing an extra level of care to the customer. On the banking side, employees work one-on-one with clients to provide a full menu of banking services for the individual as well as businesses, including quality planning for retirement or saving money.

On the other hand, LifeStore Insurance offers coverage for the individual, health, life, auto, home, business and more.

Not only are the services top-notch, but there are a number of unique job opportunities for those in the county through the corporate headquarters.

The business was founded in 1939 in the corner of the Parker Tie Building.

In 1963, it was decided to purchase the Gilbert Jackson house on Jefferson Avenue for a new office location. Years later, in 1995, the switch was made from a savings and loan charter to a Federal Bank charter. It wasn’t until 2000 that the new stand-alone corporate office was completed in West Jefferson. LifeStore became the name in 2009, as before it was called Ashe Federal Bank, among other names.

Operating in the county for nearly 80 years, the company prides itself on being a local bank.

Insurance is an important part of LifeStore as well, as they represent a number of companies and can match the policy and the coverage to the company that is going to best fit the customer’s needs, according to Current.

While it is important to the LifeStore employees to help the people of Ashe County during business hours, it is also important to be a part of the community once the business closes for the day. Many employees are very involved in community activities.

These include financial literacy education in local schools, sponsoring community events like Springfest and serving the community through volunteer fire departments and providing assistance to small business. LifeStore is pleased to volunteer time and offer financial gifts to help strengthen the community.

“This past year we have both communicated with our employees and taken action in our markets to live our mission: to deliver exceptional, personalized banking and insurance products that bring value and prosperity to our customers and our communities,” LifeStore CEO Bob Washburn said. “Having it on your wall and publishing it in the annual report is nice; however, if it ends there, it is meaningless.”

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