Joey McClure

Preparing custom paint colors to match your decor is a specialty of Parker Tie Paint Department Manager Joey McClure.

Parker Tie Co. has remained a staple in Ashe County for more than 83 years.

A community mainstay, Parker Tie has relied on institutional knowledge and insight from their valued customers to continually offer top-notch products and expertise so homeowners can complete their do-it-yourself projects.

“We are customer-driven,” co-owner Rick Woodie, who owns the business with his brother, Terry, said. “Whatever we are asked of, we try our best to add. That’s how we ended up (selling) all of these things.”

Parker Tie’s experienced workforce sets them apart from other local competition.

“We are blessed with employees that have a lot of experience fixing things,” Rick said. “Not only can they tell you how to do it, they’ve actually done it. That makes a difference.”

Located in the heart of West Jefferson, 19 3rd Avenue, Parker Tie is the convenient choice for customers.

“One advantage we have over other hardware stores is we get a lot of walking customers from town,” Rick Woodie said. “People may just be visiting in town, but they end up walking through the store.”

Merchadise suppliers have taken notice of Parker Tie’s selling power. In 2017 Valspar informed the Woodie brothers that their paint sales were No. 1 out of 10,000 suppliers in the nation.

“They couldn’t believe that it came from a small community like this,” Rick Woodie said.

In addition to paint, Parker Tie specializes in lumber, electrical and plumbing needs.

Being able to provide a diverse array of products along with quality customer service has made the difference in continuing their long run as the premier hardware provider in Ashe County.

“Service and taking care of you customer is the best thing you can do and we try to work hard at that,” Rick Woodie said.

For more information on Parker Tie Co., call (336) 246-2611 or visit

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