WEST JEFFERSON — In a three-day span, Main Street in downtown West Jefferson underwent a full-scale repaving project, giving new life to one of the town’s central streets.

The project began Monday, Aug. 19, with Shatley Construction and Paving milling the road, going from West to East. After doing some cleanup work, the team then paved Tuesday, Aug. 20 before letting it settle and painting the lines Wednesday, Aug. 21. While the occasional shower threatened to push back completion Aug. 19, the time frame set for the project was not broken.

The project comes shortly after a series of sidewalk revamps by Ashe County Cheese, R.T. Morgan Gallery and the Boondocks Brewhaus.

Town Manager Brantley Price said the project went off near-flawlessly, with the only hiccup being a burst hose the paving crew quickly dealt with. Price said the new paving looks great and should hold up for the foreseeable future.

He added that while some business owners were not thrilled with not being able to park near their businesses, the pristine, new tarmac has received a positive reception.

Price said part of Library Road, the West Jefferson Volunteer Fire Department’s parking lot and an area near First Baptist Church are all that’s left to pave in the coming months.

According to Town Clerk Rebecca Eldreth, the Main Street project cost $75,248, which will come out of the town’s $120,250 budget for paving.

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