The following information was provided by Appalachian Health Care. Lodging premises are inspected once per year and restaurants are inspected one to four times per year, based on assigned risk frequency.

May 29

Mountain Aire Snack Shack, located at 1396 Fairway Ridge Road in West Jefferson, received an “A” grade and a final score of 99. The restaurant received a half-point demerit for food employees wearing jewelry on wrists/arms and a half-point demerit for needed light cleaning inside of containers holding utensils. Mountain Aire Snack Shack received a 99 and a 98 in its previous two inspections.

May 31

Glendale Springs Inn, located at 7417 Highway 16 in Glendale Springs, received an “A” grade and a final score of 98.5. The lodging received a one-and-a-half-point demerit for improperly stored sanitizers. Glendale Springs Inn received a 99 in its previous inspections.

June 4

Shatley Springs Resort, located at 407 Shatley Springs Road in Crumpler, received a “B” grade and final score of 83. The restaurant received a two-point demerit for multiple repeated and priority violations, a one-point demerit for improper employee drink locations, a one-point demerit for out of service or in-need-of-repair handsinks, a one-and-a-half-point demerit for improper food separation and protection, a one-and-a-half-point demerit for unclean food-contact surfaces, a one-and-a-half-point demerit for improper hot holding temperatures, a one-and-a-half-point demerit for improper date marking and disposition, a one-point demerit for improperly identified, stored and marked toxic substances, a one-point demerit for insects, a half-point demerit for personal cleanliness, a half-point demerit for improperly stored single-use items, a one-point demerit for equipment needing repair and redesign, a half-point demerit for needed maintenance on warewashing facilities, a one-point demerit for needed plumbing maintenance, a one-point demerit for physical facilities needing repair and a half-point demerit for lighting violations. Shatley Springs Resort received a 91.5 and a 90.5 in its previous two inspections.

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