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JEFFERSON The Ashe County Planning Board met for its regular meeting on Oct. 1 at 5:30 p.m. in the small courtroom on the third floor of Ashe County Courthouse.

The Ashe County Planning Department implements land use regulations through a system of ordinances to promote stable and quality development.

The purpose of the meeting was to review the Watershed Protection Ordinance and the Communication Tower Ordinance. It was a work session to complete any necessary editing of the documents.

Present were Chair Priscilla Cox, Vice-Chair William Carter, David McMillan, Derek Calhoun and David Phipps. Also present were County Manager Adam Stumb and Planning Director Wesley Barker.

The board reviewed the Watershed Protection Ordinance which included a few changes to wording. While presenting the ordinance, Stumb reminded everyone that the format and actual requirements an individual would need to apply for a certain property did not change.

During this time Cox noticed a discrepancy in the wording, saying she felt it did not read as they intended it to.

Barker reminded the board of the areas of the county where the watershed is located, which is in Glendale Springs along Glendale School Road toward the river in the Boggs area. The watershed is also located in Todd along Railroad Grade Road toward the side with the Watauga county line.

Next, Barker led the review of the Communication Tower Ordinance, which was previously discussed at the June 4 meeting. After a brief discussion, he added that he anticipates several of the towers will require upgrades in the next few years.

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