Barr, Miller, Price and Caudill

West Jefferson Alderman candidates Rusty Barr, Crystal Miller, Grant Price and Jeffrey Caudill stood outside of the Arts Center Tuesday, Nov. 5 to greet voters and ask for their support.

ASHE COUNTY — Election Day for the 2019 Municipal Elections was Tuesday, Nov. 5, with citizens of West Jefferson, Jefferson and Lansing turning out to cast their votes.

The polls opened at 6:30 a.m., closing at 7:30 p.m. Only registered voters in the town’s extraterritorial jurisdiction were able to vote, with registration ending Oct. 11.

At roughly 1 p.m., West Jefferson precinct chief judge Joy Campbell said it was obvious work schedules were getting in the way of voter turnout, but the early morning hours gave hope for a good turnout in the afternoon. At the time, Campbell said just more than 100 of the roughly 800 registered voters had turned up to the Ashe County Arts Center to vote.

In Jefferson, precinct judge Kathy Bauer said 16 people had voted. The Jefferson precinct was home to a ExpressVote machine, which was being tested for possible use in future Ashe County elections. Bauer said three people had used the machine to vote up to that point, with two of them being judges.

West Jefferson saw Tom Hartman run opposed for mayor, with incumbent Rusty Barr, Christopher Neaves, Crystal Miller, Laura McPherson, Jeffery Caudill and Grant Price running for two alderman seats.

Blueford Eldreth and Mike Spencer ran for Mayor of Jefferson and Charles Caudill and Cathy Ballou ran for the two alderman seats as incumbents.

Following Lansing Mayor Dylan Lightfoot’s decision to rescind his re-election bid, Mack Powers ran unopposed for the seat. Tina Greer ran against incumbents Jim Blevins and Tom Richardson for two seats on the Board of Aldermen, while Cheyenne Blevins ran unopposed to keep her own.

Results from Tuesday’s election were not available for print presstime. Check now and next week’s print paper for election results.

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