ASHE COUNTY — After canvassing was held Friday, Nov. 13, the results of Ashe County’s votes in the 2020 General Elections have been finalized.

A total of 15,921 ballots were cast in Ashe, 81.46 percent of registered voters in the county took to the polls, compared to 71.62 percent in 2016.

A breakdown of the unofficial election results are as follows:

Local Offices

Republicans completed a clean sweep of the three seats available on the Ashe County Board of Commissioners, with Jerry Powers, Jonathan Jordan and incumbent William Sands winning out. Powers received the most votes with 10,113, narrowly edging out Sands’ 9,990, while Jordan picked up 8,856 votes. Russell Killen received 6,063 votes, Beth Sorrell received 4,350 votes and Jim Cain Jr. received 3,319 votes.

In the local race for Board of Education, four candidates battled it out for two available seats. Josh Roten took the lead with 9,648 votes with Kim Simmons securing the second seat with 7,896 votes. Incumbent Lee Beckworth received 4,845 votes while incumbent C.B. Jones received 4,681 votes. There were also 71 write-in votes.

Candidate for Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor Russell Vannoy, who ran unopposed, received 12,531 votes while 173 write-in ballots were cast.

Federal Offices

Ashe County voters opted for incumbent President Donald Trump to remain in the highest office in the nation; he received 11,451 Ashe votes compared to Joe Biden’s 4,164. Trump won the state with 49.93 percent of the vote.

Incumbent Sen. Thom Tillis won 10,619 votes in Ashe, with challenger Cal Cunningham receiving 4,279 votes. Tillis won the state with a narrow margin, beating Cunningham by less than 100,000 votes.

Rep. Virginia Foxx won her reelection bid thanks to 11,270 votes in Ashe County, challenger David Wilson Brown received 4,086 Ashe votes. Foxx won 66.93 percent of the vote in her district to keep her seat.

State Offices

Incumbent N.C. Governor Roy Cooper lost Ashe County to challenger Dan Forest, with Forest receiving 10,622 votes to Cooper’s 4,967. However, Cooper held on at the state level to serve another term with 51.52 percent of the vote.

Serving as Cooper’s Lieutenant Governor will be Mark Robinson, who defeated Yvonne Lewis Holley with 51.63 percent of the vote. Robinson won 11,166 votes in Ashe to Holley’s 4,282.

Incumbent State House Rep. Ray Russell lost both Ashe County and the rest of District 93 vote to Ray Pickett. Pickett received 53.01 percent of the vote at the district level, with 10,657 of those coming from Ashe to Russell’s 4,878.

For the N.C. State Senate District 45 seat, incumbent Republican Deanna Ballard won almost 70 percent of the vote to keep her seat against Democrat challenger Jeanne Supin. In Ashe County, Ballard won by more than 7,000 votes.

Jim O’Niell won Ashe’s vote for N.C. Attorney General, with 10,817 votes to Josh Stein’s 4,598. Stein won the race however, winning by just over 13,000 votes statewide.

Ashe’s pick for N.C. Auditor also did not seal the deal at the state level. Anthony Wayne Street managed 10,626 votes in the county to Beth Wood’s 4,613, but Wood won the office with 50.88 percent of the statewide voting.

Steve Troxler won the N.C. Commissioner of Agriculture race with 53.86 percent of the state’s votes over Jenna Wadsworth. Troxler was buoyed by 11,579 votes in Ashe to Wadsworth’s 3,863.

In the race for N.C. Commissioner of Insurance, Mike Causey won 51.76 percent of the statewide votes, which was helped by 10,965 Ashe County Votes compared to Wayne Goodwin’s 4,283.

Josh Dobson edged out Jessica Holmes for the N.C. Commissioner of Labor seat, winning at the state level with 50.83 percent of the vote. Dobson won by less than 100,000 votes, with 11,037 coming from Ashe County, while Holmes won 4,280.

Ashe’s pick for N.C. Secretary of State, E.C. Sykes, could not defeat Elaine Marshall for the seat. While Sykes picked up 10,513 votes in Ashe County, Marshall edged the statewide vote with 51.16 percent.

Catherine Truitt won her bid for the N.C. Superintendent of Public Instruction with 51.38 percent of the vote statewide. Truitt won 10,955 votes in Ashe to Jen Mangrum’s 4,309.

Incumbent Dale Folwell defeated Ronnie Chatterji with 52.58 percent of the statewide vote. Folwell received 10,961 votes in Ashe.

Judicial Offices

10,722 Ashe County voters cast their votes for Republican candidate Paul Newby for NC Supreme Court Justice Seat 1 while incumbent Democrat Cheri Beasley received 4,619. Newby won the state race by just 285 votes.

In the race for NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 2, Republican candidate Phil Berger Jr. won Ashe County voters over with 11,024 votes while Democratic candidate Lucy Inman received 4,256 votes. Berger won 50.66 percent of the state vote for the win.

Republican candidate for NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 4, Tamara Barringer won the race against incumbent Democrat Mark A. Davis with 10,972 votes in Ashe County. Davis received 4,279 votes. At the state level, Barringer won 51.21 percent of the vote.

Republican candidate April C. Wood won Ashe’s vote for one of the seats on the NC Court of Appeals, with 11,075 votes to Democratic candidate Tricia Shields’ 4,151. Wood carried that to a state win with 51.78 percent of the vote.

Republican candidate Fred Gore received 10,938 votes in Ashe County in the race for Seat 5 NC Court of Appeals against Democratic candidate Lora Cubbage who received 4,248 votes. Gore won the statewide race with 51.27 percent of the vote.

Incumbent Republican candidate Chris Dillon won Ashe’s vote for Seat 6 on the NC Court of Appeals Judge with 11,025 votes while Democratic candidate Gray Styers received 4,135 votes in Ashe. Dillon sealed his reelection bid with 51.95 percent of the vote in the state.

Ashe voters favored Republican candidate Jeff Carpenter in the race for Seat 7 on the NC Court of Appeals. Carpenter won the county with 11,014 votes over incumbent Democrat Reuben Young who received 4,151. Carpenter won the statewide race with 51.59 percent of the vote.

Donna Shumate, who ran unopposed to serve as NC District Court judge for District 23, received 12,795 votes in Ashe County.

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