Bobby Pennington

Bobby Pennington

The Boone Fire Department and the Boone Police Department responded to an uninhabited house fire located at 651 Old East King Street on Dec. 26, 2019, at 9:19 p.m. It was determined that an unknown suspect set multiple fires within the structure. This structure had been vacant for the last four years and was a common area for homeless individuals to be found sleeping and taking shelter from the weather.

Upon completion of the joint investigation between the Boone Fire Department and Boone Police Department and collection of several pieces of evidence it was determined that Bobby Allen Pennington, 41, of Ashe County, was the primary suspect. Detective Corporal Candace Burlingame, of the BPD, located Pennington, who was in custody at the Ashe County Dentition Facility on a parole violation for Burning of Personal Property and Calling in a False Bomb Report on a Public Building.

After Burlingame’s interview, Pennington was served with an arrest warrant Jan. 7 at the Ashe County Detention Center. Pennington was charged with one count of felony Burning an Uninhabited House, and one count of misdemeanor Breaking and Entering. Pennington was taken before an Ashe County Magistrate, who issued him a court date of Feb. 14, and he is being held under a $30,000 secured bond.

This case is still under further investigation along with three other suspected arson cases within the last six months. Both departments have several other arson cases under investigation and are asking that if you know anything about these additional arson cases that you contact the Boone Police with any additional information.

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