Baldwin and Price

West Jefferson Mayor Dale Baldwin and Town Manager Brantley Price at the 2018 Ashe Post & Times Best in Ashe County awards.

WEST JEFFERSON — After much deliberation, West Jefferson Mayor Dale Baldwin has decided to not run again for his position.

Baldwin has been mayor since 2011, previously serving in the post from 1997-2007. He also served as a member of the board of aldermen from 1967-1977, 1985-1989 and a brief, nine-month stint after an appointment in April, 1997.

Baldwin said the decision was not easy, but it was time for him to move on from the role.

“I’ve given it a lot of thought. November will be a full 18 years, and it’s time I hang it up,” Baldwin said. He said he’ll miss being mayor, but felt it was the right time to let someone else fill the seat.

Baldwin said he has received a lot of good help in his time as mayor, with five town managers, including current manager Brantley Price, and many aldermen who cared for the town. In his time as a town official, Baldwin has overseen the town’s growth from a single square-mile footprint to the creation of the GE plant, the founding of Christmas in July and West Jefferson’s rise as a tourism destination in the High Country.

“It’s been a tremendous growth, it really has,” Baldwin said. “By no means am I taking credit for it, I was mayor, but we had a good board and good employees. We’ve done good and I hope it continues.”

As of presstime, only former West Jefferson Alderman Tom Hartman has filed to fill the vacancy.

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