Ballou sworn in

Cathy Ballou is sworn in as a member of the Jefferson Board of Aldermen Feb. 25 by town manager Cathy Howell.

JEFFERSON — The Jefferson Board of Aldermen met Monday, Feb. 26, at Jefferson Town Hall, welcoming a new member while promising to look into something new for the town.

At first, there was concern there weren’t enough aldermen in attendance to have the meeting, with Max Yates, Wes Williams and Charles R. Ballou failing to appear. Town manager Cathy Howell said Charles Caudill and Mark Johnston were enough, explaining that Ballou had resigned via letter, so two of four remaining were fine.

In the letter, Ballou said he is no longer a resident of the town after moving Feb. 15. He recommended Cathy Ballou, his sister, to fill his seat and see out his term which is slated to end later this year. Caudill made the motion to swear Ballou in, which was seconded by Johnston, and move on with the meeting with three aldermen.

Up next for the meeting was a public discussion involving Jefferson residents Edward and Emily Arriola and Boone-based realtor Allen Yates, who received a conditional use permit to build apartments on land next to the Arriolas’ from the Board of Aldermen during its December 2018 meeting. Edward Arriola and Yates pushed back at each other over Yates’ plan to develop the land, but ultimately nothing came from the discussion.

The final point was brought up during the new business portion of the meeting, with Johnston proposing a welcome sign for the town to be built. The issue with the idea, and the major point of discussion, was the lack of town-owned land they could put it on. Johnston pointed out the state’s ownership of land directly adjacent to U.S. 221, which acts as the major entry point to the town. While he initially moved to put a sign up as soon as possible, the lack of definitive location stood in the way. It was decided to approve the town looking into the possibility of the sign instead, which all three aldermen agreed to.

The next meeting of the Board of Aldermen is slated for 7 p.m. Monday, March 25.

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