Middle School Plans

The updated plans for the first floor of the Ashe County Middle School’s new building, approved by the Ashe County Board of Education in May.

JEFFERSON — Construction bidding for the new middle school is expected to begin in the coming weeks, with tentative plans to start construction by early spring, according to Ashe County Schools Superintendent Phyllis Yates.

“The board of education is encouraging local contractors who are interested in bidding to please do so,” Yates said. “We want our local folks to have these jobs.”

Yates said that the project’s architect, Larry Greene, submitted all plans for review and approval by the N.C. Division of School Planning. In addition, civil engineer Jason Herman submitted the soil erosion and sediment control plan to the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources for approval.

After all plans have been approved, Yates said bidding for the construction of the new middle school will begin, adding that she expects phase one of the site development to be completed by the end of fall.

Located off of N.C. 88 near the AEV plant at 101 Gates Lane in Jefferson, about 40 acres have been reserved for the construction of the two-story middle school, which will include a gymnasium, auxiliary gymnasium, cafeteria, kitchen, auditorium, media center and more.

The Ashe County Board of Education approved the plans for the new building at a meeting in May, Ashe Post and Times previously reported, following years of preparation and planning.

In July 2018, the Ashe County Board of Commissioners approved in a joint meeting with ACS to allocate $32-$35 million for the project, Ashe Post and Times previously reported. In addition, Ashe County Schools received a $15 million grant from the Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund for the project in October 2018.

Yates said that those who are interested in bidding for the project can reach out directly to her or Greene with any questions.

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