ASHE COUNTY — Ten community members have filed to run for local office in Ashe County for the Nov. 2 election, as the filing period ended at noon on July 16.

In total, there are 17 voting precincts located in Ashe County, but only three will be open for this election, being that this year will only see municipal elections in the towns of Jefferson, Lansing and West Jefferson.

Listed below is the list of candidates, each of which will be running for a alderman position in their respective town. Individual political affiliations were not provided by the Ashe County Board of Elections.


· Mark Johnston — Jefferson Alderman

· Max Yates — Jefferson Alderman

· Wes Williams — Alderman


· Anita Greenwood — Lansing Alderman

· Matt Cordell — Lansing Alderman

· Teresa McCoy — Lansing Alderman

West Jefferson

· Stephen Shoemaker — West Jefferson Board of Alderman

· Calvin Green — West Jefferson Board of Alderman

· John K Reeves — West Jefferson Board of Alderman

· Brent Steele — West Jefferson Alderman

This year the towns opted out of having absentee voting, or one-stop voting. Voters will be allowed to cast their ballot on election day, which is Nov. 2, at their town’s polling location.

The West Jefferson polling location will be at Ashe County Arts Council located at 303 School Ave, in downtown West Jefferson. In Jefferson, ballots can be cast at the town fire department located at 205 Northwest Drive in Jefferson. In Lansing, residents will be able to vote at the town’s fire department located at 9281 NC-194 North in Lansing. Curbside voting will also be available.

For more information regarding the upcoming municipal election call the Ashe County Board of Elections at (336) 846-5570.

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