James Hendrix

James Hendrix

JEFFERSON — Former Ashe County sheriff candidate and West Jefferson Police Department Sgt. James Hendrix is set to make his next appearance in Ashe County Superior Court Monday, Feb. 11, as he faces a charge of common law obstruction of justice. Scheduling conflicts kept Hendix from appearing at his previous date Aug. 27, 2018, forcing a continuance.

Hendrix was charged with felony obstruction of justice June 11, 2018, by the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation, in relation to the investigation of the October 2017 death of Brittany Perkins. According to the warrant for his arrest, Hendrix “feloniously did obstruct justice by removing a letter from beside a body at the scene of a death by gunshot wound before law enforcement officers arrived, and further, not providing that letter to law enforcement officers once they had arrived to investigate the death. This offense was done with deceit and intent to defraud.”

Hendrix was also terminated as Ashe Memorial Hospital’s Chief of Police and now works as security at Jefferson Landing.

Hendrix is currently involved in two lawsuits relating to former WJPD Chief of Police Jeff Rose. The suits point to a text conversion between Rose and former Ashe County Sheriff Terry Buchanan, in which Rose texts, “He sin (sic) the crowd that got gone from WJ, For the evidence being used and smoked.”

Hendrix filed a complaint against Rose Oct. 2 claiming he committed libel against Hendrix in the previously mentioned texts. Hendrix filed the second complaint against the town of West Jefferson, listing town manager Brantley Price, Mayor Dale Baldwin and aldermen Brett Summey, Stephen Shoemaker, John Reeves, Jerry McMillian and Calvin Greene as the defendants.

Hendrix said at the time of filing the complaint against West Jefferson, he wanted to get his name cleared and stand up for his rights.

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