Jessie R. Hubbard

Jessie R. Hubbard Jessie R. Hubbard

JEFFERSON — Jessie R. Hubbard’s trial was continued again in Ashe County Superior Court Monday, Nov. 12, as he has not received a court-ordered reevaluation of his health while in Raleigh for safe keeping, according to his attorney, Jak Reeves.

At his previous court date Sept. 23, it was revealed Hubbard had been taken from the Ashe County Detention Center to Raleigh for safe keeping, which is done to prisoners as a way to keep either them or those around them from harm, authorities said. Ashe County Sheriff B. Phil Howell said at the time the transport was related to the medications Hubbard was taking.

Hubbard was deemed incapable to stand trial June 14 by doctors from Central Regional Hospital, a state-run psychiatric hospital in Butner, which was revealed by Reeves at Hubbard’s Aug. 27 court date.

The Hon. Michael Duncan, who presided over the Aug. 27, Sept. 23 and Nov. 12 court dates, ordered in September that Hubbard should be taken from Raleigh to Broughton Hospital in Morganton, where he would receive treatment and it would be determined if he is capable to stand trial in the future. Reeves said that due to his safe keeping, Hubbard has not been taken for an evaluation or treatment.

The case was continued to Monday, Feb. 10, 2020, when an update will be given on Hubbard’s status and the future of the case.

Hubbard, 60, of Crumpler, is charged with the Aug. 19, 2018, murder of Diane Goss and four counts of possession of a firearm by a felon.

Ashe Post & Times will continue to provide updates for this case as they develop.

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