JEFFERSON — At the May 28 Jefferson Aldermen meeting, Jefferson Town Manager Cathy Howell presented a proposed budget request to the aldermen for consideration. A total of $1,722,367 was requested.

The proposed budget states that the town is requesting $248,750 for administration. This includes $124,000 for salaries and wages, $35,000 for professional services, $10,800 for retirement, $8,200 for utilities.

Additionally, the budget sets aside $497,200 for the Jefferson Police Department. The requests included $267,000 for salaries, $26,1000 for retirement, $10,000 for automotive supplies, $15,800 for insurance and bonds, $10,000 for new equipment and more.

A total of $327,400 was budgeted for streets in the town. $68,000 of those dollars will go toward salaries and wages, while $59,000 is budgeted for utilities, $75,000 is budgeted for street repair and $50,000 is budgeted for new equipment. The latter is a $45,000-increase from the previous budget’s $5,000, set aside for new equipment. According to Howell, the extra money is to pay for a new truck for the town.

Also, in the non-departmental category of the proposed budget, $79,000 is requested for garbage collection, and $37,000 is requested for recycling.

As for special appropriations, the proposed budget saw $241,167 set aside for the arts council, town beautification, Olde Towne Christmas, Jefferson Volunteer Fire Department, fire department buildings and contributions to other funds. The requested amounts in the special appropriations department mirrored those of the previous budget.

The aldermen did not make a decision on the budget request, and will reconvene to approve or deny the request at their June meeting, set to be held Monday, June 24.

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