JEFFERSON — The Jefferson Board of Aldermen met Monday, June 22, to approve and pass the budget for the 2020/21 fiscal year.

The board voted 4-0 to approve the budget, with Alderman Max Yates not in attendance.

The general funds budget totals to $1,674,517, a decrease from the previous year’s $1,722,367.

The largest amount allocated to any department is $446,600 for police, which includes $278,000 in salaries and wages, $30,200 for retirement and $10,000 for automobile supplies.

The second-largest allocation is non-departmental with $363,600, including $230,000 in group insurance. Also included is $82,000 for garbage collection and $38,000 for recycling.

The streets department received $287,900 in allocated funds, including $75,000 towards street repairs. A further $65,000 was included for salaries and wages, $59,000 was set for utilities and $21,000 was listed for new equipment, a drop from last year’s $50,000.

Administration was allocated $263,200, with nearly half going to salaries and wages with $131,000. The town allocated $1,500 to travel expenses and advertising each, $12,000 to insurance, $38,000 for professional services and a combined $10,500 for maintenance of buildings and grounds, equipment and automobiles.

While choosing to to operate with a contingency fund, the town allocated $200,000 for contributions to other funds under the special appropriations unit. Also included is the town’s $16,667 commitment to the new Wilkes Community College Ashe campus project, $10,000 for town beautification and $10,000 to the fire department.

The town’s water and sewer budget lists $469,600 for the sewer department and $439,450 for the water department, increases of $11,950 and $14,400 respectively from last year.

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